About Me

Donna McGuireDonna McGuire is a research and communications specialist in the field of labour and global policy. Her doctoral research focused on analysing union power, opportunity and strategic capability to influence policy. She undertook her doctoral research as a member of the ‘Global Social Policies and Governance’ (GSPG) Graduate College at the University of Kassel, with sponsorship from the Hans-Boeckler-Stiftung. She is a graduate of the Global Labour University (GLU) Masters programme, ‘Labour Policies and Globalisation’ in Germany, and previously worked as a journalist and communications advisor for unions in Australia. Donna works as an independent  researcher.

The significance of her book “Reframing Trade” for union organising has been discussed in the IG-Metall publication ‘Organizing: Die Veränderung der gewerkschaftlichen Praxis durch das Prinzip Beteiligung‘ (see article by W. Schwetz: ‘Strategic Research: the indispensable basis for strategic campaigns’).

Research interests

  • Trade union renewal and capacity building
  • The implications of social movement theory for labour movements
  • International trade policy and its impact on labour
  • World sports events as a catalyst for union revitalisation