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Weather forecasting and meteorological research and development

Snow and Ice Forecasts for School

Highway Forecasting

Airport Forecasting

Environmental Forecasting For Railroads

Personalized Forecasts Are Perfect For Schools, Highways, Airports and Railroads.

Snow and Ice Forecasts For Schools

We work with superintendents of school districts during the winter season to let them know of any potential storm threats. For school administrators to have a better grasp of whether snowfall will turn into a storm, or is just passing showers, one of our meteorologists will call the school district at a pre-determined time with the latest forecast for their specific district. There will also be email notifications with regards to weather and how it could impact scheduled sporting events.

Highway and Airport Forecasting

By working with highway departments and airports on their forecasts, we help them save time and money. Our custom-tailored forecasts prove to be especially helpful for trucking companies during bad weather. If there’s a chance of snowfall over 1 inch, our clients will receive a storm alert 18-36 hours in advance. There will continue to be updates sent out every 4-8 hours which are catered to your specific area.

Environmental Forecasting For Railroads

During travel, railroads are often crossing state lines, which means they can run into multiple types of weather. By using DMC Research and Development Group, we will monitor your current territory and keep your dispatchers in the know if they will be approaching any inclement weather such as winter storm alerts, fire danger alerts and monitoring, potential flood alerts and monitoring, high wind warnings, high/low temperature notifications and earthquake monitoring. We also offer your dispatchers and operators an onsite course to become more “weather-savvy.”

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